Bush and water safari

Explore the diverse landscapes of Africa and experience exclusive safaris as Africa takes your breath away.Swim with dolphins in the coastal waters as you scuba dive ,wind and kite surfing, or better still enjoy the sunny beaches of coastal Kenya.


HikingWe at Stejos tours and travel let you have long vigorous walks, through nature walks, as you bird watch or just appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Rock climbing

Are you an adrenaline junkie?Get your rock climbing gear, and let go rock climbing either as a sport or as a leisure activity.Test your physical strength and endurance; while at the same time achieve a challenge level, excitement, or adrenaline rush.

Team building/Conferencing

Interact with your team in a fun field environmentWe at Stejos tours and travel make sure your work groups evolve into a cohesive unit. The team members not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences .A range of activities and games are held during team building events.

Family fun day

No time to connect with loved ones? We’ve got you covered.We take you to fascinating sceneries, where you can reconnect and make up with lost time with friends and family.

Ticketing and hotel booking

We Offer Assistance for Ticket booking And Hotel Reservations at amazingly reasonable rates.

Road trips

We can always carpool! The city is becoming too mainstream and boring? Grab a couple of your friends, get comfortable in our luxury buses as we cruise to breath taking views, and lets find out the “world’s largest everything” from mountains forest lakes ,hills ,valleys to craters.


Get away from distraction as we plan your next get away to a serene quiet and natural environment for your camping. Shorten the night as you sit around a bonfire, while watching wildlife at a close range


Stejos tours and travel offers a variety of cars, services, and partnerships to meet all your travel needs. Rent the car you want either self-drive or our qualified drivers. All options available.

International Safaris

Are you looking for unforgettable experience, do you want to enjoy true beauty and nature of different contients, or do you want to go into the history books as having reached the peak of the tallest mountains? Whatever is your reason there will be something here for you, safari duration from 4 days upwards and is ideal for visitors on vacation. Currently we have been the best on the following destinations to mention just a few: Dubai , Zanzibar , Egypt & Israel pilgrimage and much more

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